Valley and Church in a Faraway Land

Mid-2024 Projects

In just a few weeks, I will be setting off for my next photo adventure, in some faraway lands known for its picturesque valleys and wonderful wine.  A mouth-watering assortment of dumplings. Source – AI-generated imagery. Stay tuned for updates! Disclosure: All images used in this post were created with generative A.I..

Stelae of Doctors, Temple of Literature, Hanoi, Vietnam

Prime Time in Hanoi – Experiencing Tet and Working Within Limitations

Just recently, I had written a piece about my walk around at the Chinese New Year Bazaar at Singapore Chinatown. Every year, the streets of Chinatown bursts into a lively spectacle, and attracts throngs of locals and tourists alike.  The Chinese New Year holidays are usually (for me at least) a brief respite from the daily …

Temple of Literature, Singapore Chinatown

Chinese New Year @ Singapore Chinatown

The past couple of weeks had seen a flurry of activities at Singapore Chinatown as families prepared to celebrate the coming of the Year of the Dragon. I usually avoid crowds, but simply couldn’t pass up the once-in-a-year opportunity to photograph and document the festivities at the Chinatown Lunar New Year Bazaar and surrounding streets.  To keep things simple, …

Moonset Over Wanaka, 2023

The South Island Project – Itinerary and Photo Plan

I had the privilege to visit South Island, New Zealand in November and December 2023. A land of immense beauty, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to capture as best as I could the incredible landscapes of this wonderful country. As mentioned in a previous article, the plan was to cover a number of towns in …

Food for Thought

It is hard for the average Sarawakian to get by a week without indulging in our favorite local noodle dish. Here it is. Locally, this dish is known as ‘kolo mee’, which is means ‘dried noodles’ in Chinese. The dish is very much hybridized to suit the local taste but its origin can be traced …