The Mobile Eye

The Mobile Eye: Capturing Moments on the Go

The Mobile Eye is a series dedicated to the wonders and conveniences of having the ultimate everyday-carry (EDC) – my mobile device, which I use to capture precious moments as they emerge.

Indeed – the best camera is the one that is alway with you.

Mikoyan Brothers Museum Square Crop

The Mobile Eye – 13 June 2024

Mikoyan Brothers Museum, Sanahin, Northern Armenia MiG 21 at the Mikoyan Brothers Museum at Sanahin in Armenia. The much feared MiG fighters were the brainchild…

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Batumi Beach Square Crop

The Mobile Eye – 08 June 2024

Sunset at Batumi Beach, Adjara Region, Georgia My friend and I, we had a wonderful evening walk at Batumi Beach by the Black Sea, watching…

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Christchurch Art Gallery Square Crop

The Mobile Eye – 05 December 2023

Art Gallery Building, Christchurch, New Zealand During my visit to Christchurch in December 2023, we stayed at an apartment just a short walk from the…

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Hooker Lake Square Crop

The Mobile Eye – 01 December 2023

Hooker Lake, Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand The elusive Aoraki / Mount Cook appeared momentarily through a small crack in the clouds,…

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Wanaka Lake Shore Square Crop

The Mobile Eye – 29 November 2023

Driftwood at Lake Shore, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand The highlight of Lake Wanaka would certainly be That Wanaka Tree, but I found plenty of other things…

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