AirAsia App

It goes without saying that if you are not paying serious to the mobile market, you are asking to be left in the dust trail, especially with the volatile nature of the mobile market landscape. AirAsia recently released a more polished version if their app and I must say that it is absolutely gorgeous. Compared …

Flower Macros

I was fooling around in my garden with my Tamron 90mm SP macro lens (one bloody sharp lens it is!) when I noticed some pretty flowers that caught my attention. I can tell you that the biggest challenge in macro photography is keeping the camera still, and all these were taken without a tripod! It …

The Old Burger Stall

Here’s a little something taken with Instagram. Shown below is an old burger stall just behind my office. Gosh, I really love these Instagram filters. A seemingly mundane shot transformed into a work of art.

Morning Mushrooms


Every once in a while, a mushroom or two (maybe more) would sprout up somewhere in my backyard, and my mum would yell at me to whip out my camera for a few snaps at these tiny organic parasols. Just this morning, I noticed these two pretty mushrooms near the veggie patch. For one thing, they look suspiciously suggestive. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Juicing to Perfection

Smartphones nowadays have become incredible juice-sucking devices. Manufacturers are squeezing more and more features into phones to the point where conventional lithium ion battery technology is struggling to keep up. I managed to get hold of one of these ‘power banks’ which are really just big batteries that hold a lot of charge and can …

Instagram Madness

The iPhone proved to be a very capable photographic tool, and when Instagram came along, it redefined the smartphone as not only a tool for recording visual information, but one for sharing them as well. Here are some pictures taken with Instagram.