Experimenting with Instant Photography

In a previous article, I briefly discussed why analog photography is seeing somewhat of a resurgence among the younger crowd. The allure of analog photography may be due to both the aesthetics of the resulting images, as well as the anticipation (or excitement!) of not knowing how your images will turn out. After some deliberation, I … Read more

Block 860

The Mobile Eye – 06 August 2023

Block 860, Yishun, Singapore Shot with my iPhone 12 Pro in ProRAW and post-processed in Lightroom Mobile. One of the many colourful residential blocks in Yishun, Singapore. Note the flags that are hanging from the windows – another 3 days to National Day as the nation celebrates 58 years of independence. About The Mobile Eye … Read more

The Mobile Eye – 05 August 2023

Esplanade Station Tunnel, Singapore Esplanade Station Tunnel, Singapore. This photo was captured with my iPhone 12 Pro during my commute to the city on the Circle (Yellow) Line. Shot in ProRAW, and post-processed in Lightroom Mobile.  About The Mobile Eye The Mobile Eye is a series dedicated to the wonders and conveniences of having the ultimate … Read more