Experimenting with Instant Photography

In a previous article, I briefly discussed why analog photography is seeing somewhat of a resurgence among the younger crowd. The allure of analog photography may be due to both the aesthetics of the resulting images, as well as the anticipation (or excitement!) of not knowing how your images will turn out. After some deliberation, I … Read more

My View on Mobile Photography in 2023

It is difficult not to overstate the impact that mobile devices have on photography in general. Gone are the days when the casual tourist would whip out a compact camera for the usual holiday snaps. It its place, our phones have become the “de facto” camera for just about anything on the go, and conventional … Read more

Capturing Healing Moments: The Therapeutic Benefits of Photography

From providing an avenue for self-expression to promoting mindfulness and fostering emotional well-being, the act of capturing images can be a powerful tool for healing and personal growth. Photography as a creative endeavor is often celebrated for its ability to capture and freeze precious moments in time. Beyond its artistic and creative aspects, what is … Read more