A Visual Approach to Storytelling?

I am pleased to announce the launching of a new series of short-form documentary pieces: Picture Stories. I am deeply passionate about my travels and experiences abroad, so I make it my focus (no pun intended) to capture from these lands, far and near, pictures of treasured memories and moments long gone.

The centrepiece of the series will be a key photo that best captures the essence of the moment, as I recount and retell of my experiences surrounding said photo; from the location where the picture was captured, to the attractions in the surrounding vicinity. I certainly hope this information would be of benefit to fellow photographer and travellers alike.

Debuting with the series is Bird in Cordoba, where I tell the story of my brief visit to Cordoba, Spain, in 2020, where I captured one of my finest works – Bird in Cordoba, 2020

Bird in Cordoba, 2020

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