Picture Stories – Guardians of the Noodle Shop

Guardians of the Noodle Shop

Chinatown, Yaorawat Road, Bangkok, Thailand, 2018

Guardians of the Noodle Shop

The Story Behind

I took this picture in 2018 while walking the streets of Bangkok, on my way to Chinatown, when I noticed this little dog and its feline companion keeping a watchful eye on passersby in front of what appears to be a family-owned noodle shop.


What I absolutely love about this picture is the conceptual and dynamic relationship between the subjects, exhibiting both contrasting and harmonizing characteristics.


If one could allow for some imagination; the dog, despite being that of a smaller breed, appears unintimidated and stands bravely out in the open, guarding its master’s domain with a fierce sense of duty! The cat on the other hand, prefers a more covert approach and remains partially hidden under the stall. The dog’s alert demeanor is also contrasted by the cat’s slightly more laid-back pose. 

Getting There

I am going to leave you with a disclaimer here – I don’t have the exact location information to pinpoint reliably where this shop is located. But take a stroll and explore Rama IV and Yaorawat Road – there are plenty of interesting sights in the vicinity.

The area is accessible from the Hua Lamphong metro station.

Things to See and Do

Tuk Tuks for Hire
Fancy a tuk tuk ride? Tuk tuks are a common sight in Bangkok and serve as a convenient way of getting about.
Yaorawat Road Hawker
One of many local fares being sold at the roadside stalls along Yaorawat Road.

Do remember to venture beyond the main street. Nestled deep within Chinatown are hidden market streets selling a variety of fresh and dried local produce.

Shop selling dried goods at Bangkok Chinatown
Shop selling dried goods at Bangkok Chinatown.
Man Rolling Butane Tank, Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand
Man rolling butane tank at one of the market streets nestled deep in Bangkok Chinatown.
A worker at Chinatown in Bangkok hauling goods
A worker at Chinatown in Bangkok hauling goods.
Fish seller at Bangkok Chinatown market street
Fish seller at Bangkok Chinatown market street.

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