I decided to take some nice picture of Kuching, and spent the evening scouting around for a nice vantage point that overlooks the Sarawak River, and older parts of Kuching city. In my previous posting, I mentioned that the iPhone has come to be regarded as a ‘serious photographic tool’. By ‘serious’, I didn’t imply that the iPhone was a good substitute for a serious DSLR, but that it was SIMPLE enough to use – camera app MINUS all the bells and whistles that you find in even in some of the basic entry-level compact digital cameras – such that you are left to FOCUS on the creative aspects of photography. Here are some pictures that I took just two days ago.

Tua Pek Kong Chinese temple. Kuching Central Business District at rear, overlooking the Sarawak River.
Old Kuching; with a touch of ‘modernism’ at the rear – the newly completed Plaza Merdeka shopping mall. The street you see to the right of the temple is the famous Carpenter Street.
Old Kuching. The ‘towering monstrosity’ you see at the opposite bank of the Sarawak River is the new State Legislative Assembly building.
Panorama of Kuching. For a larger version, click here.
Panorama of Sarawak River. For a larger version, click here.



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