New Resolutions

The year 2012 has come to a close, and in the blink of an eye too. As I sit down reminiscing the moments of the year while gazing at the blinking cursor before me, I take my time to reflect on the those moments that I cherished, the moments that I missed, goals that went down the drain, and those that did take off. This is usually the time of the year when many thoughts will go through my mind as I sometimes find myself in that awkward situation of being ’neither here nor there’.

For my new year resolutions, I will be focussing on two things; simplicity and focus. With regard to simplicity, I will do less things, knowing full well that it is only possible to do a few things well at a time. On focus, I will use my time and energy to do the things that matter most. This means less time (and money) wasted doing unproductive things. I guess that also means eating less and going to the movies less often.

Goals, I believe, should be specific. But I am not obliged to share the specifics here on the public domain. Anyways, happy new year to all!

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