The Day the World Ended

Today is the 21st of December of the year 2012. Just about every mention of ‘twenty-twelve’ brings back haunting memories and vivid imagery of the scenes in the movie ‘2012’, that of the earth crust crumbling and sliding into the bottomless depths of the ocean as survivors try to cling on to the last vestiges of support they could find as they slid into their watery graves. On that fateful day, the world ended.

But that’s what Hollywood tells us.

Today, in sunny Malaysia, that day has come. No screaming, no crashing cars, no crumbling elevated highways, no mega tsunamis, no collapsing towers of concrete in this urban jungle we call home. It was business as usual. But amidst the normalcy and order of things, the chatter of the world ending or any possibility of it happening was very much alive and in the air. There were those who laughed and scoffed at the naysayers and doomsayers. However, it was evident that the doomsayers were right about one thing; the possibility. The possibility of the world ending. Would the world go on as it did yesterday? Or would some catastrophe of global proportions tear through civilization like a hot knife through butter, leaving in its wake a trail of glowing space rocks and dead organic matter, of which used to be good old Mother Earth?

But then I digress.

The point is, as we live in this world, it is a good thing to be once again reminded (a big thank you to the Mayans) that indeed nothing ever lasts forever. The stretch of time that dinosaurs roamed the earth is many many times longer than the entire span of human civilization, yet they eventually disappeared. Food for thought indeed.

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