‘Define: Google’

It’s hard to believe that it just happened. In fact, it’s so hard to believe, that only after years of ‘Googling’, I had just ‘discovered’ one of Google’s most powerful search operators: ‘define:’.

image Go ahead and try it! It works like a charm… =)

Now, I am not writing this article to tell you what late bloomer I am. It’s just that instead of scouring the web, conducting dictionary searches and performing cross-searching across multiple sites, I found that a way to get the ‘best of both worlds’, was to simply use the search operator ‘define:’. In short, Google gets to do the dirty work (nearly all of it), with sleeves rolled up.

The result can be seen below.


Too good to be true right? It’s no wonder Google has such immense sticking power.

Let’s just try another keyword to define….


image Heck, no harm trying anyway…

And what do I get?


Hmm…sad, obviously nothing to shout about, except that my name being popular among the folks in Britain at one time.


And another…

Hmm..nothing very interesting, looks like Google hasn’t exactly moved with the times…

So we need to be a little more specific with Mr. G (Google!)…


Ahhh…that’s better. Have fun defining!    


??END ??

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