It had been a very sad day, for today was the day my friend was laid to rest, marking the closing of the final chapter of his short yet colorful life. His passing was unexpected, and we all thought what a bright future this young man had ahead of him. Alas, that was not to be, for God loved him so much he was called to the House of the Lord last Thursday evening, Singapore time.

I knew Jonathan personally, though not as well as some of my other schoolmates. He and I used to discuss at length some of the latest computer games and strategies.

He had touched my life, and the lives of many others.

Life is so fragile.

When I learned of his passing, a day after he drew his last breath, it was a  stark reality I could not accept. I had barely gotten the chance to tell him how much I appreciate his friendship, and now Jon is gone.

His passing was a real awakening for me, and probably even to those who were close to him. I realized that life is too short to squander, complaining about trivialities, whining, and procrastinating. That life is meant to be enjoyed, and cherished. That the difficulties we often encounter in life, as reminders that we still have many things to accomplish, for ourselves, and for others. That the reason why our hearts still beat in us, as the Lord’s way of reminding us, that the days we have left to roam this earth, to make a lasting impact on the lives of others, are numbered.

It is through Jon’s passing, though tragic, that I humbly believe, many people will be inspired and touched, in ways that could have not been possible if he had still been with us.

Thank you Jon for the times we had spent together. The Lord loves you.

Rest in peace my friend.



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  1. May god blessed him… RIP

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