Shooting Spree at the Waterfront

On the 28th of May 2009, three suspicious-looking persons were seen walking up and down the Kuching waterfront shooting away at people, newspaper stands, hotdog vendors and even at little old ladies.

What were you thinking?

lumix_resized00018 The Kuching waterfront today

It was a great evening for a photo-shoot, so I packed up my photo gear, and with the company of my two ‘accomplices’ (my siblings actually), each armed with a camera, we had a splendid time learning ‘real’ photography, which was nothing like shooting indiscriminately at all things around. The photos bearing this site’s watermark were captured using the Lumix DMC LX-3, unless otherwise specified. In this post, I promise you, there will be more pictures, and less talking, so happy viewing!

VBrookeKuching Kuching in the olden days


The Tua Pek Kong temple


The Kuching Hilton. In the foreground is the James Brooke Bistro.



HarbourView Hotel, just behind the temple. To the right is the Cineplex building.


lumix_resized00008The Waterfront. To the left is Riverbank Suites, just opposite of Riverside Majestic and adjacent to Hotel Margherita.



One of the numerous riverboat ‘taxis’ that will take you across the river for less than MYR 1.00 each way.


lumix_resized00020 Sarawak River Cruise with the new state legislative council building in the background.


lumix_resized00025Kuching CBD.



I don’t know what this is, but it has been here for as long as I can remember…should check it out one day.


lumix_resized00046Observation tower at the waterfront.




State legislative building seen from afar.



The Astana, which was built in 1870 by the second white Rajah Charles Brooke, as a bridal gift for his wife.


nikon_resized00016 The Astana. This photo was taken with my Nikon Coolpix P5000.


lumix_resized00068Silhouette of river banks. Shot against the sunset. Seen here is the Sarawak River.


The waterfront at dusk. Photo captured with the P5000.

 lumix_resized00049  The Old Courthouse of Kuching. A must-see for visitors and tourists.


Thanks for viewing!

-Lionel Lam


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