Origins of Negaraku?

The Malaysian National Anthem, ‘Negaraku’, was believed to have been adapted from a local Malaysian song called ‘Terang Bulan’. However, some schools of thought have suggested that the national anthem’s melody was actually borrowed from an old Hawaian song, ‘Mamula Moon’. To play the song, click the play button below.



So what is your take? The chicken or the egg?





  1. OH MY GAWWDDDD!! I felt like I have been living a lie my entire life. Its exactly the same! Tsk, tsk, tsk…

  2. lol! Stanley, I was also duped, haha.

  3. just a bit of a correction here, “Negaraku” originated from a well-known french melody titled “La Rosalie”. the melody is also the anthem for the state of perak which was later plucked by tunku abd rahman during malaysia’s independence.

    and also Terang bulan which was very popular durin the 1930s in malaya and indo is an old Indonesian song (not malaysian) which was also originated from “la rosalie” and mamula moon too (execpt that it is hawaiian).

    just a student here doing school reaserch for my history lesson 🙂
    i may have gotten some facts wrong here and there.
    love your blog, keep posting.
    God bless Malaysia,

    • Thanks for pointing out! I should have done more research on that, but then it has been quite a while back then when I wrote this article and I couldn’t have known better. I have listened to the song Mamula Moon and noted the similarity in the melody. But I didn’t know which came first. Thanks again for dropping by 🙂

  4. Yea , so what if they are similar songs….if a tune is good and appropriate, we use it !!SO WHAT? Half the national anthems in the world have similiar tunes either in 1 line even 2 lines of somewhat similiar melodies. BIG DEAL!!! Move on!!! its nice to know the truth behind things ,besides it adds colour to life!!! So for those bigots ,idiots who want to dispel things for the sake of feeling violated….p**s o*f !!

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