Home Sweet Home

That’s it! I’m back home, and as I’m writing this, I’m enjoying my mug of hot milk. I had never eaten so much in so long, and just to think of it, I have all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted to do, and that includes putting on a kilo or two. I guess I’ll be looking a little more plump by the time I have my graduation portrait taken!

So am I feeling relaxed? A definite yes, after months of toiling and working like a donkey! Am I happy? Not quite. Why? I’M BORED!!!!

If you wondering what this photo is all about, then I have succeeded in drawing your attention, and wasting 5 seconds of your ‘precious’ life! I got bored, so I decided to put up a peculiar photo here…

Holiday Resort Syndrome

In case you’re wondering, I came up with the above-mentioned term, so it wasn’t coined by any doctor. Just come to think of it, insanity is a by-product of immobility! Two days have gone by and I have done nothing productive, save for the moments I glanced at my calendar. Instead of torturing myself mentally, I have decided to take a week off relaxing and chilling out with close friends. Speaking about chilling out with friends, the weather in Kuching has been unbearably hot, and I often find myself dragging my feet in the sweltering heat of the day. I can hardly disagree with Lee Kuan Yew that one of man’s greatest achievements is the invention of the air-conditioner. Air-cond is king! After all, imagine me turning on both my computers (computer’s produce heat….duhhh) in my bedroom on an especially humid day. That is tantamount to suicide…


DSCN6970This is how my bed office looks like. I work here from 9 to 5, daily…


My To-do List

Time is short. Life is short. Boredom is eternal. Here’s a list of some stuff to be done this long holiday season:

  1. Get married to a part-time job.
  2. Get my business rolling.
  3. Set up my home network and get 3 of my computers connected to the internet (this will turn my home into an oven…computers are hot!!)
  4. Tour around Kuching, and pretend to be a tourist from KL or Singapore.


Ah…my beloved kampung….

Hmmm…or did I mention blogging? I guess I’ll be spending more time writing about my hometown. Do check back for more info. 😉




  1. Please don't get bored ! Enjoy your life to its fullest. There are still many things to do and to see. Try to give to those in need. By seeing other people happy, you will be happy too. I really like to see your town cause it is located in Kalimantan, part of my country. Cheer up, guy!

  2. thanks for the advise, I'll do just that. Holiday, here I come! 😉

  3. i have played that fishing game way back when i was small lil kid. ahah

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