Happy Birthday to Me!

I never thought so many people would remember my birthday!

After all, the last time I had a cake was nearly 8 years ago. I can’t even remember what it looked liked. How sad…

No cake? No problem. At least that was what some of my best pals thought.

Here’s how the cake looked like.


Yummy, certainly knows my taste huh? (Thanks to Hsyiang Lung and Rachel for the lovely gift).

And here’s a bit of something more local….


The ‘curry puff guy’ came calling and the rest became history.

Dang, now the whole world would know that I have a weakness for curry puffs.

Lovely birthday. Thanks to all for the lovely wishes. All the best to you all too!


=== END ===


  1. Haha… Enjoying yourself eh, bro?

    Good, good! =)

  2. oh man…you misspell my name

  3. hello fren happy birthday to u..
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  4. whoops. didnt know it was your birthday. happy belated one bro. next time i belanja you curry puff ok?

  5. Lol! Curry puffs? Sure sure! XD

  6. owh my god!! so sorry. i didn't know it was your birthday. anyway, happy belated birthday and hope you had a good one this year! Been crazy busy with tests and assignments so didn't check on fb until recently…=)

  7. hey i love curry puffs too 😛

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