WPPM Kuching 2011


On the 7th of May which was just yesterday, WPPM (Wedding and Portraits Photographers Malaysia) organized a 2-day workshop, for the very first time in Kuching, thanks to Alvin Leong and Patrick Low, two distinguished photographers renowned for their work in the field.
It was organized at the Islamic Information Center near Swinburne; an odd but nonetheless beautiful building that melds the designs and motifs of the various peoples of Malaysia. 1Malaysia? Quite possible.


Nice venue as you can see above. The above is a photo of the center’s activity halls, a modern rendition of the traditional Bidayuh ‘round house’. Very thoughtful of them.


It was an honour to have highly-distinguished photographer Jim Liaw of Jim Liaw Photography present to us his experiences in the field of wedding and portraiture photography. Learning from the pros was one thing, but it was certainly educational to hear them explain the dos and don’ts of the trade.
Launched in October 2010, WPPM’s mission is to educate and inspire photographers to move on to the next level. A mentorship program is high on the agenda and expected to begin shortly. Many thanks to Alvin Leong and Patrick Low for bringing WPPM to Kuching.


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